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The Tax Department provides advice and support to its corporate and private clients, to tackle the issues and disputes they may face in any area of taxation.

The Tax Department works in synergy with the firm’s other teams. Its expertise ranges from corporate tax audits and restructuring operations to group taxation and advice to managers and directors regarding their tax regime (split payroll, expatriation, immigrants, free shares, BCE & BSA share warrants, exit tax, etc.).

The Department’s lawyers are also active in the fields of personal taxation and estate planning (notably donation, succession and 'Dutreil' agreements).

The Tax Department regularly provides its clients with support in the event of a tax audit.

Its expertise notably covers the following fields:

• Tax implications of acquisition, sale and restructuring transactions
- Audit and restructuring operations;
- Optimisation of financial flows (fiscal integration, VAT, international taxation);
- Wealth engineering;
- Business transfers.

• Real estate tax
- Support during the acquisition, financing and sale of real estate portfolios and real estate companies;
- General real estate taxation; taxation of SIICs, real estate dealers and developers.

• Financial taxation
- Project financing and structured financing support.

• Tax procedures
- Support within the context of tax audits and administrative & legal disputes;
- Support to obtain approvals and authorisations.