Criminal law and public health practice group
Criminal law and public health practice group 0

The Criminal Law practice group covers the whole range of criminal law, whether individual or corporate. The firm represents criminal defendants and also plaintiffs in civil actions related to criminal matters. We represent clients in France and also abroad, before international criminal courts.

The FTMS Criminal Law practice group has built its reputation through involvement in the majority of the high-profile cases of the last fifteen years.
- Our lawyers have tried numerous cases in all areas of criminal law, including industrial risk and major accidents, such as the well-known "Erika" case.
- In financial criminal law, the firm has been involved in high-profile cases such as Crédit Lyonnais, the financing of the RPR political party, the Schuller case, the ELF case, Angola Gate, the Renault espionage case, the Madoff case, and many more.
- In medical malpractice, the firm has been involved in cases relating to contaminated blood, mad cow disease, dioxin pollution, and the drug "Mediator", among others.
- In international criminal law, the firm has tried numerous cases concerning international corruption, the defense of various African heads of state and opposition leaders, the Douch matter in Phnom Penh, and more.
The partners in our Criminal Law practice group are or have been administrators of victims' funds and members of the regional commission for conciliation and indemnification for medical accidents. They have also been admitted to practice in the International Criminal Court.

The FTMS Criminal Law practice group represents clients in disputes, gives legal advice and
conducts legal due diligence in the following areas:

- General criminal law
- Corporate crime
- Criminal matters in labor law and occupational hazards
- Criminal matters in environmental law and workplace safety
- Criminal matters in healthcare law and medical malpractice
- Criminal matters in media, audiovisual and public freedoms law
- International criminal law
- Liability, professional discipline, ethics



Criminal law and public health practice group

Pierre-Olivier Sur
Mathias Chichportich
Agathe Blanc
Jules Guillaumé