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Independence, expertise, and reactivity make FTMS a strategic law firm in the understanding of complex case files.

Founded more than thirty years ago and composed of a team of around twenty lawyers, FTMS relies on cross-functional skills that allow for an understanding of even the most sensitive issues.

Combining an excellent reputation in litigation with customised counseling, the lawyers of FTMS have excelled in some of the most important legal proceedings in recent years.

This expertise allows FTMS to accompany its clients in everyday matters as well as exceptional cases while offering high-quality services.Being very experienced in high-profile cases, FTMS is also able to assist clients in crisis communication.

Because the law is constantly changing, FTMS strives to circumvent possible risks and face the unpredictable with confidence.


As recognised experts, our partners form a pluridisciplinary team whose complementary meets our clients’ needs.

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Our lawyers accompany their clients in everyday matters as well as exceptional business situations, notably in the following areas :


Since its creation, FTMS is a law firm actively focused on international matters.

Since its creation, FTMS is a law firm actively focused on international matters, being very active in all international legal centers, for finance and business : Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The firm upholds an important network of partners in Europe but also in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Possessing a profound knowledge of the economic, judicial, and legal affairs specific to the African continent, FTMS accompanies investors as well as decision makers on this new frontier of international commerce, in partnership with local stakeholders.


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